Hamburg Süd is one of the most reliable shipping companies in the world

11.04.17 Mitgliedernews

First place for three months in succession in the SeaIntel Global Liner Performance Report – second place on average for 2016.

Hamburg, April 5, 2017. Hamburg Süd takes first place in the SeaIntel Global Liner Performance Report for the month of February 2017 in the category Schedule Reliability for the third time in succession. The company had already reached this top spot in December 2016 as well as January 2017. On the average for 2016, Hamburg Süd achieved second place among 20 container lines rated. 

“Hamburg Süd takes schedule reliability very serious. Our customers can rely on punctual delivery of their cargo. Within the value chain, this avoids, for instance, additional costs for expensive warehousing or production delays,” says Frank Smet, Member of the Executive Board of Hamburg Süd.

Punctuality plays an important role, particularly in the transportation of perishable goods. As one of the world’s leading reefer container carriers, Hamburg Süd, with its high schedule integrity, ensures that fruit, vegetables, or meat products reach their destination in their optimal state of ripeness and in the shortest time.

Hamburg Süd’s schedule reliability also ensures efficiency and sustainability throughout its network, as a relevant share of cargo requires pre- or on-carriage as well as transhipments to cover the intended door-to-door transportation chain. The higher the schedule integrity, the more efficient all components of the network and supply chain work together without the need for faster sailing speeds, excessive waiting times in transhipment ports, or missed connections. This also has positive effects on the CO2 footprint, as the services do not require speeding up, which generally results in disproportionate fuel consumption.

About Hamburg Süd

Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft KG – Hamburg Süd for short – ranks among the ten largest container shipping companies worldwide. With 130 container ships, a slot capacity of over 600,000 TEU, and around 50 liner services, some 6,000 employees in 250 offices spread across the globe ensure that customers receive logistics solutions tailored to their individual needs. The transportation of fresh produce is a core competence of the shipping group. Hamburg Süd is one of the Top 5 reefer container carriers and among the market leaders in the North–South trades. Since late 2014, it has also been operating on the East–West trade lanes. Founded in 1871, Hamburg Süd enjoys a global presence as a quality carrier with its Brazilian subsidiary Aliança and under the brand CCNI (Compañía Chilena de Navegación Interoceánica). In tramp shipping, the company operates bulk carriers and product tankers under the names Rudolf A. Oetker (RAO), Furness Withy Chartering, and Aliança Bulk (Aliabulk). In addition to high quality standards, sustainable action is an integral part of Hamburg Süd’s corporate philosophy. More information on the Internet at